Customer Service

We provide subscription services for the world's top-of-the-range academic journals. In addition, our service also covers business and techno-commercial magazines, news-based magazines and foreign newspapers.

Subscription services are available in both print and electronic (on-line and CD-Rom) format. We routinely handle subscriptions ranging from Rs.3000/- to Rs.10 Lakhs per journal including IEEE packages, namely ASSP, CSLSP, Transactions and proceedings.

We also handle complete packages of IEE, ACM, Elsevier Science, etc. according to customers' needs.

The Information Technology and Internet era have revolutionized the publishing industry. Today, leading publishers have begun delivering on-line subscriptions and CD-ROM databases and archives of back volumes.
Electronic subscription is a boon for large academic institutions because it provides them multiple user licenses thus providing benefits in terms of cost. The journals in turn could be delivered by intranet to one or several users at various locations. It also provides for easy downloading and photocopying of the required articles.


Tradition of Customer Care

A customer's inquiry, query or grievance is attended to promptly and satisfactory solution is provided. In most cases, on-spot solution is provided, however special circumstances may take between 24 to 48 hours.

“We deliver what we promise; we are committed to customers satisfaction”